We have 4 different member types - Builders, Associates, Builder Affiliates and Associate Affiliates.  It is important to note the HBA membership belongs to the individual joining, not the company.  Dues are charged on a 12-month basis and roll over each year on the date you joined the HBA of Wayne County.

Builders: Applies to all contractors, re-modelers and land developers.  Dues for new and renewing Builders are $405.00 annually.

Associates: Applies to all subcontractors, material suppliers, designers, architects, Realtors, etc.  Dues for new and renewing Associates are $405 annually.

Affiliates: Once a Builder or Associate membership has been established, employees of the same company may sign up under them as Affiliate members. Affiliates receive all of the benefits of the full Builder/Associate membership. Dues for new and renewing Affiliates are $100.00 annually. 

Please note - you cannot join as an Affiliate member if your company does not currently have a Builder or Associate member signed up with us.

To become a member, please download the application below and send with payment to:

HBA of Wayne County

P.O. Box 744

Goldsboro, NC 27534